Congratulations to SIMATOP for developing a new series of smart wall products

Do you want to full control your house’s home appliance? Turn on and off the lamps and appliances of your house anytime and anywhere, to realize totally saving energy and enjoy the new experience of modern intelligent home life.Our new products wall smart socket and wall smart switch will help you achieve your wishes.

Let’s take a look at these two products.

1. Smart wall insert socket

As the name implies, it is installed on the wall. So this requires users to buy the product before the house decoration, in order to be ready to use when decorating. Take a look at its front design, using the classic black and white color, with Type A + Type C USB design, convenient mobile phones and other small electrical appliances to charge, socket specifications can be customized according to the requirements of different countries in the world, has achieved the Europe and the United States required certification. The outlet could also be remotely controlled via a WIFI connection.




2. Smart wall switch

This product can be purchased as a series with our smart wall socket, it also using black and white classic color, appearance and size match perfectly with the socket, touch the button, divided into 1 key, 2 key and 3 key, the existing specifications are Germany and France standards, can be customized specifications. Also through the mobile phone connection WIFI remote control, Contribute a huge strength for your smart home life.




SIMATOP has strong product design and development capabilities. Since its establishment, SIMATOP has developed many new products with novel styles for our customers. We believe that in the near future, we can also design and develop competitive smart home products for more customers

Post time: Apr-29-2022