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Simatop was established in Foshan, China in 2016.We are born to build a smart home and harmonious light environment.Today, Simatop has become a well-known enterprise in the manufacturing and distribution of Consumer electronics, smart lighting.We are always focusing on developing high-quality products and providing the most considerate services.Smart socket ,smart lighting ,smart switch ,smart sensor ,smart controller are our Featured products.Product development is the top priority in Simatop.



Simatop is firmly rooted in the development and manufacturing industry, focusing on developing innovative and desirable consumer electronics products . Features and functionality rival established market participants. For strategic partners, Simatop also offers flexible ODM and OEM services that provide a reliable competitive advantage.

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E: Jenny.liang@siamtop.com
Foshan City, China
t: + 86 15813348395
W: WWW.simatoper.com

Post time: Feb-20-2023