Horror movie gaffer teaches you to use smart light bulbs to create a Halloween home version of the “haunted house”

Every year on October 31st, Halloween is coming, let the lighting engineer teach you how to arrange the “horror” lighting effect in the front courtyard and backyard of your own home. Of course, smart light bulbs must be used to display high-tech lighting effects. To arrange colorful home lighting effects like a “haunted house”, you must first have a certain ability to create horror.
Using supernatural lighting effects can create a “gloomy” effect, which is the best job of international film and television production lighting engineers. Turning the warm living room or bedroom into a ghost movie scene can be done with only smart light bulbs and third-party APP control applications.

Scene 1: Bold use of darkness
Scene 1

Step 1: In the kitchen, carve some of your favorite patterns on the face of the pumpkin, hollow it out, put it on the counter, and put the smart bulb in it.

Step 2: Paste smart light strips under the kitchen cabinets and under the counter or bar, and replace all other conventional lights in the kitchen with smart bulbs.

Step 3: Once the lights and strips are in place, all but the jack-o’-lantern bulbs work as a group to dim the bulbs and strips to an eerie dark color on a third-party app, like the one in the anatomy room. Dark blue, and then adjust the light in the pumpkin bulb to a brighter color, the light comparison is a “gloomy” effect.

Scene 2: Frightened welcome
Each scene of a horror movie will have a specific scary symbol, such as some movie climaxes, when the protagonist reaches a place, all the lights will turn blood red, which also reflects the blood and anger in the protagonist’s heart. How should the house be arranged? In a word: Red lights is perfect!

Step 1: To frighten the guests or pranksters, especially the children who come to ask for candy, replace the lights in the lamps outside the door with smart bulbs, and hide a few smart bulbs around the front window (a desk lamp can also be used), if possible , you can also wire a few bulbs to put in the plants around the porch.

Step 2: The linkage of the two scenes, when it is quiet, trigger “everything is normal”, when there is a sound, trigger “blood red”, you can also install a smart doorbell, when you ring the doorbell, it will make a pre-recorded horror sound. It’s sure to scare kids off.

Step 3: Silence and sound can be triggered by motion sensors or directly linked to the doorbell, so that visitors can be frightened once before entering the door.


Post time: Oct-25-2022