Show preview: Light + Building 2022 is a big show for KNX

After four long years, Light + Building will open at Messe Frankfurt from 2 to 6 October 2022. Yasmin Hashmi announced the biggest KNX event of the year.
Light + Building is the world’s leading trade fair for lighting, electrical engineering, home and building automation, and connected safety and security technologies. This is the largest event of the KNX Association, whether you are new to KNX or an experienced person, this is the place to learn about the latest products, solutions and trends, as well as get expert advice.
When it comes to home and building management, nothing beats Light + Building. Whatever your interests, it’s worth a visit just for the sheer number of products on display, but Light + Building also offers a great opportunity to network with other KNX professionals from around the world.
Among the 1500 exhibitors, more than 150 KNX members will present their latest products and solutions at the fair. The KNX Association will have several booths at the show, including the best seats at booth B91 in hall 12.0 and booth C92 in hall 11.1. As a bonus for KNX attendees, there are several lucrative offers, including free entry tickets (register at, special promotional coupons for KNX engineering software ETS, games with great prizes and a contest.
The Messe Frankfurt is huge, and while there are free buses and walkways between the showrooms, it’s best to plan ahead.
All aspects of building automation are concentrated in halls 9, 11 and 12, covering everything from electrical installation systems to smart energy management and charging infrastructure. Key KNX players in these halls include ABB, Busch-Jaeger, Gira, Hager, Albrecht Jung, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Theben, Wago and Warema.
To make life easier, the KNX Association will showcase the many technologies and experiences of KNX at its impressive booth B91 in Hall 12.0. Exhibitor booths include Ergo 3, Core Smart Home, HDL Automation, Onsemi, HMS Industrial Networks, ComfortClick, Can’nX, Mean Well, EAE Technology, xxter, ise GmbH, Albrecht Jung, Airzone, Steinel, ELEK-Egypt, Panasonic Life Solutions . Electrician, Morgen, Ipro Technology and Simlab.
An extensive program of events for the construction services technology industry will be centered on the Construction Plaza in Hall 9.0. The focus will be lectures, panel discussions and workshops on the latest developments in smart applications, networks and sustainable building use.
For those interested in home and building safety and security, you can find top exhibitors in the Intersec Building section in Hall 8, while the Intersec Parallel Forum will offer knowledge and experience in the field.
If lighting is your specialty, then pavilions 3, 4 and 6 are for you. For designers, planners and architects, Hall 3.1 also features the Design Plaza, which will feature lectures and panel discussions, special exhibition spaces and guided tours, primarily for designers, planners and architects.
At Light + Building 2022, the topics of the KNX association are IoT, energy management and security.
There will be an IoT booth at KNX booth B91 in Hall 12.0, where visitors can see the first products and solutions based on the 3rd party KNX IoT API and learn more about the available open source KNX IoT Point API.
There will also be a lot of interesting things about energy management, and various experts will explain how to integrate energy management systems and why KNX is the most sustainable solution.
To protect against hackers, KNX offers a wide range of KNX Secure devices. At KNX booth C92 in Hall 11, KNX experts will take a closer look at what makes KNX a secure solution for all types of buildings and demonstrate the perfect integration of KNX Secure solutions, whether stand-alone or in combination. The world is connected. Experts can also advise on other aspects of KNX control, from homes to smart cities.
KNX booth B91 in Hall 12.0 will also have an ETS area where you can learn more about the KNX programming tool and its new features, as well as the new cloud licensing model. Those who work in the field of ETS will also be happy to receive your feedback on the future development of ETS.
For those who want to learn more about KNX, there will be a dedicated area for Start@KNX at KNX stand B91 in Hall 12.0. Here you can learn about the various training opportunities to learn about the ETS software and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to easily develop automation projects with KNX.
The KNX Association aims to support innovative companies through its Startup Incubator program, which provides resources and information for startups working on developing KNX IoT based solutions. For more information visit KNX booth B91 in hall 12.0.
The KNX Association will take part in various Light + Building conferences. The session will cover the main topics of IoT, energy management and security in more detail and will provide introductory help for KNX beginners.
Definitely worth registering for the KNX championship, which takes place every day and requires installation within 20 minutes. All participants are eligible for a 30% discount on ETS Professional licenses, and all who successfully pass the exam will win a special package for the ETS application and participate in the daily draw for an ETS6 Professional, ETS6 Home or ETS6 Lite license.
If you feel like you can’t win a title, you can still get an ETS Pro license by playing the Kahoot game that will run throughout the show.
The Light + Building website has some helpful links to help you prepare for your visit. These include the Light+Building Contactor search engine for exhibitor profiles and other useful information, building technologist podcasts, help with arrivals and accommodations, and tips for evenings and free time.
The Light + Building Digital Extension facility offers personal networking, virtual presentations, and networking capabilities. There will be chats, dating, exhibitor profiles, and one-on-one video calls, and the entire Edge program – conferences, workshops, panels, and keynotes – will be streamed, with video available on demand after the event.
The KNX Association looks forward to seeing you at its booth and recommends getting free tickets now at
The KNX Association is the creator and owner of KNX technology, the global standard for all applications in home and building management.

Post time: Sep-29-2022