The best smart bulbs

The best smart bulbs can be used as wake up lights, reading lights, or even to change the mood of a room.
Think of an ordinary light bulb, but smarter! Imagine if your light bulb could tell your mood and change its color to match it. Or if your light bulb responded to your voice commands and could turn on and off at a set time… how convenient would that be?
Smart light bulbs are the best way to improve the mood in your home and manage your lighting efficiently. While you can find many smart light bulbs on the market, there are a few elements to look out for when buying one.
You need to consider maximum lamp brightness, color temperature, compatibility with other smart devices, and energy efficiency. We have compiled a list of the best smart LED bulbs on the market to give you a better idea of ​​what options are available for your smart home.
Whether you’re using a smart bulb connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the 2.4MHz frequency band provides better connectivity and longer signal range. Therefore, before buying, it is important to consider the strength of the connection of your smart bulbs.
A decent smart light bulb should last for years and produce around 800 lumens, but some can go as high as 1100 lumens. 12 watt LED lamp. This is an important consideration because you need a lamp that will provide enough light for your intended space.
Some smart bulbs require a hub to work, some don’t. This does not mean that they should be difficult to install. The complexity of the installation will always depend on the current setup of your home.
With so many smart LEDs on the market, you can buy a useless light bulb. Here we are looking for brands with reliable lamps at affordable prices.
This light bulb matches the brightness of a standard 60 watt light bulb and you can change the light bulb color, color temperature and set the perfect mood through the iOS/Android app! It even has more preset scenes than most bulbs and can switch between colors to add a festive vibe to holiday performances, family rendezvous and parties.
Compared to other smart bulbs, the 1100 lumen Wyze bulb color is higher than most 800 lumen smart bulbs, which means that the Wyze bulb color is brighter than a standard 60 watt bulb. It’s great for reading or even taking selfies if you like, and it also has the ability to change colors.
This color-changing 60-watt Cree offers red, blue, green, purple, or any color you like. You’ll love that it’s also highly compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice control and doesn’t require any hardware bridge or hub, so you just pop it in, turn it on and connect to Alexa or Google Home. Appendix.
This review is for those who want brighter lighting in their room. Smart LED light bulbs are also a great start for those who want to build a smart home step by step.
How do smart LED bulbs work? Smart bulbs are very similar to conventional LED lights, just plug them into a power outlet and you’ll have light. However, they do have the added ability to connect to the internet, which means they can be controlled via the web or an app.
Smart bulbs can also respond to voice commands when integrated with assistants such as Google, Alexa or Siri. Some smart bulbs can not only emit white or yellow light, but also dim or change color to create a different atmosphere in the room.
Are smart LED bulbs worth the money? Yes! With them becoming more and more affordable and economical, the convenience they provide is well worth it! First, consider being able to easily control and plan lighting. This can come in handy to make your morning and evening work more productive.
This way, if you find it difficult to get out of bed, the smart light that gradually simulates the sunrise will pull you out of bed at 5:00 AM. This means it can also make you feel more comfortable by simulating sunsets and changing your room so you go to bed earlier. Technology that helps you stay productive, active and healthy without beeps is worth it!
With the smart bulb companion app, you can now control the energy consumption of the smart bulbs in your room. This way, you can know exactly where you are wasting unnecessary energy (and money) and adjust your actions accordingly. Then consider the benefits of motion-sensing smart lights that automatically turn on the light when you enter a room and turn it off if no motion is detected for a certain period of time. You could almost call the smart light bulb the best invention ever!
Remember the epic romantic scene with the dimly lit room, the slow and soothing background music, the bottle of wine and the flowers on the bed? Yes! Smart light bulbs will not bring you wine and flowers, but they will match the atmosphere of the music you are listening to, dim the lights, and create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic evening with your partner, just light up Press the button or say a voice command.
Do smart bulbs use electricity even when they are turned off? Smart bulbs are designed to respond to your voice or commands through the app. To do this, they must be connected to the Internet or a network, which means that they always need a little bit of power to respond to your commands. So yes, smart light bulbs use very little power when the lights are off.
However, it doesn’t use much: studies show that the average smart light bulb is used for just a few cents per month in standby mode.
To find the best smart LED bulbs, we researched smart bulbs from trusted and trusted brands, as well as user reviews, and compared them for a decent price.
Considering your budget, needs and intended use (reading and entertainment lighting), we were looking for smart bulbs with an easy setup process. Plus, we want to be a small part of why your room feels better for work or play!
Connection strength Depending on your needs, a very important characteristic to consider is the connection strength of your chosen smart bulbs. If you have a home assistant or an internet connection, you’ll need a smart light bulb that connects via Wi-Fi so you can plug it in anytime, anywhere.
If you just want to control smart bulbs in or around your home, you might also consider using a Bluetooth-enabled smart bulb, however, you won’t be able to take full advantage of this technology. Here we prefer light bulbs with Wi-Fi radios.
Lamp Light Intensity An important characteristic to consider when looking for a durable smart light bulb is the lamp’s light intensity, as you want a lamp that provides enough light for the location you intend to place it. Here, we’re looking at smart bulbs that match standard 60-watt incandescent bulbs. However, some bulbs are brighter than others.
To check the brightness of a smart light, you need to look at the lumens it puts out. Lumens is a measure of the brightness of light. This is not the same as measuring light energy in watts. Remember, the higher the lumens, the brighter the light.
Lamp Life Considering that smart bulbs are a bit more expensive than regular bulbs, lamp life is a very important factor. Fortunately, over time, advances in technology have allowed smart bulbs to last longer (the average lifespan is 20 to 25 years when used for three hours a day).
Smart bulb life is primarily measured in hours, with most bulbs lasting around 20,000 to 25,000 hours, which is higher than the average incandescent bulb life of around 1,000 hours. Here we are looking for proven brands that provide long lamp life.
Easy-to-install smart bulbs come in a wide variety of options, functions and uses, and may require a specific type of installation to use. For example, some smart bulbs require a hub (a hub is an intermediary between a bulb and a router, also known as a bridge or gateway).
While some smart bulbs are simply “plug and play”, no additional add-ons are required. Here, we’re partial to smart bulbs that you simply replace and connect to Wi-Fi without a hub. This means that you can implement smart light bulbs in your home right after reading this article.
But when you decide to add more (10+) smart bulbs, you’ll need a hub for easy control.
Ease of setup. Most smart bulbs take a few seconds to set to existing settings, while others may take 10-20 minutes. The time you spend depends on what you want to do.
If you want to pair your smart bulbs with your home assistant and use voice control, the process is much faster than if you want to schedule and list scenes. So don’t worry about settings.
Platform Compatibility Smart light bulbs clearly display the description of the assistants they support on the “Works With” label on the packaging.
However, in most cases when using the Apple Homekit, some lamps may require a hub/bridge/gateway. Here we recommend bulbs that work with Alexa and Google Assistant without a hub.
Price vs. Quality As with your smartphone, the value you get depends a lot on the price, and worse, you can buy a smart bulb for a lot more and not enjoy using it. That’s why we review trusted brands and look for great and affordable brands.
The color options offered by color changing smart light bulbs are very important and depend on your usage. Some light bulbs only give white light, while others can choose any color of the rainbow. Here we are looking for options that can change color and provide white light for work purposes.
If you are looking for a smart light bulb that offers many extra features to outperform any smart light bulb on the market, buy the Philips Wiz Smart Wi-Fi Colored LED Light Bulb! It’s about the same price as our other options, but it includes more preset scenes and can switch between colors to spice up holiday performances, family rendezvous and parties, even if you just want to relax in the room. In addition to bright white light and bold colors, this option doesn’t rely on bridges or hubs like other Philip Hue lamps. It’s also compatible with various smart home assistants (Alexa, Google) – so yes, you can turn off the lights, play music, and create the atmosphere with voice commands.
You should be aware that some users of this light bulb say that the app can be difficult to use. Also, this bulb is not as bright as our second choice, Wyze, but make sure you can read with it!
Based on standard 60 watt bulbs, this lamp is rated at 800 lumens, allowing you to change the lamp color and color temperature and create the perfect mood right from the iOS/Android app!
If you’re looking for smart bulbs that deliver maximum brightness at a great price, check out Wyze bulbs. Wyze Bulb Colors costs about $15 each and offers all the basic features like direct connection to your Wi-Fi network, vibrant color palettes, and the ability to set schedules and timers. Compared to other smart bulbs, the 1100 lumen Wyze bulb color is higher than most 800 lumen smart bulbs, which means that the Wyze bulb color is brighter than a standard 60 watt bulb. Great for reading or even taking a selfie if you like!
Because this lamp is so affordable, it doesn’t have features like auto-cycling colors or syncing to music, but its brightness and easy-to-use app put it ahead of many light bulbs. That’s not all!
The incredible color scheme of this light bulb allows you to dim it just enough to host a nice dinner party, watch some TV or set the mood to put you to sleep. You can also use voice commands, set schedules and timers, and use some of the preset scenes in the app!
If you are looking for a smart light bulb at a great price, get the Cree Connected Max 60 Watt LED! This 60W Cree color changing lamp offers red, blue, green, purple or whatever color you like, and of course white light – a feat that most lamps in this range can’t boast of!
You don’t get extra features in the Philips Wiz app, but the Cree Connected Max LEDs at least let you schedule automatic lighting changes, so you can set the lighting to simulate day or night during the day. it’s not bad, right?
You’ll love that it’s also highly compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice control without any bridge or hardware hub, so you just screw it in, turn it on and connect it to your Alexa app or Google Home – now you can tell the assistant to make a lamp the color you want.
If you are looking for a smart light bulb that is the perfect combination of low cost and easy installation, get Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED! Compared to other lamps on this list, Sengled is perfect for those with little to no technical knowledge. Sengled Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs feature a Wi-Fi radio that connects directly to your home network – no hub/bridge required! You will love that the Sengled brand offers other affordable options for those who want to build their smart home step by step (soft white light bulbs, daylight bulbs and this multi-color light bulb)! It all works with the Sengled app, which works great with Alexa and Google Assistant and provides all the simple features of a smart light bulb, including timers, scenes, schedules, and routines.
You should know that for the price it doesn’t offer the complexity that Philips Hue does, but trust me, this lamp will make your date romantic!
Setting up your smart bulb Always make sure the switch/power is off before installing the bulb and consider the type of outlet you already have before purchasing to buy the right bulb.
However, most light bulbs work with an app, so once a light bulb is connected to your home Wi-Fi, you can pair it with the app and start using it right away.

Post time: Sep-30-2022