Simatop’s Success at the Hong Kong Global Sources Fair


Hong Kong, October 16, 2023 – Simatop, a leading smart home solutions company, showcased its innovative products at the recent Hong Kong Global Sources Fair, held in mid-October. Simatop's smart power outlets with fast charging, Matter-compatible sockets, and WiFi garden lights captured the attention of numerous buyers, leading to a surge in inquiries and interest.


Simatop's intelligent power outlets, equipped with fast charging, wowed attendees with their advanced technology, offering both convenience and energy savings. Buyers from around the world recognized the value of these products and expressed interest in forming partnerships with Simatop.

Simatop's Matter-compatible sockets, designed to ensure interoperability and secure communication between smart home devices, also garnered substantial interest. Buyers sought more information about how Simatop's Matter-compatible sockets could enhance their product offerings.

The elegant WiFi garden lights from Simatop drew attention for their ability to illuminate and control outdoor spaces remotely. Buyers explored the potential applications of these lights in various settings.

Simatop is excited about the positive feedback and welcomes inquiries about collaborations, distribution agreements, and partnerships. To learn more about Simatop and our smart home products, visit or contact our sales team at We look forward to exploring new opportunities and delivering innovative solutions to homes and businesses worldwide.


Post time: Oct-27-2023