What certifications are required for a smart socket? Let me provide you with the details.

Welcome to Simatop, a leading manufacturer in China specializing in intelligent control solutions. Our commitment to quality and safety is reflected in our product certifications, including ETL, CE, FCC, ROHS, SAA, KC and SANS-168.


Research and Statistics:

Certifications give products a competitive edge globally. Whether it's FCC in the U.S. for electromagnetic standards or others, certified products are more likely to be chosen by consumers.


Empowering Informed Choices:

Certifications empower consumers to make choices aligned with their values. Understanding the significance of certifications allows consumers to actively support brands that prioritize safety, quality, and responsibility.

In essence, product certifications go beyond being a stamp; they are promises of quality, safety, and ethical practices. For businesses, embracing and communicating the value of certifications isn't just about compliance; it's a strategic move that builds trust, fosters loyalty, and positions products as reliable choices for savvy consumers.

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The Value of Our Certification:

At Simatop, we pride ourselves on delivering products that surpass industry standards. Our certifications showcase our dedication to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.


1. ETL Certification:

Ensuring Electrical Safety

 Independently tested for compliance with the highest electrical safety standards.

Essential for accessing North American markets.


2. CE Certification:

Adherence to European Standards

Demonstrates compliance with European safety and environmental requirements.

Opens doors to a vast European market.


3. FCC Certification:

Electromagnetic Compatibility Assurance

Validates electromagnetic compatibility and radio frequency interference standards.

Crucial for products entering the United States market.


4. ROHS Certification:

Environmental Responsibility

Restricts the use of hazardous substances in our products.

Aligns with global environmental initiatives.

5. SAA Certification:

Meeting Australian Standards

Ensures compliance with Australian safety and performance standards.

Critical for establishing a strong presence in the Australian market.


6. SANS-168 Certification:

Quality and Safety in South Africa

Testifies to the quality and safety of our products in South Africa.

Aligns with specific regional regulatory requirements.


 7. KC Certification :

Our KC certification is a guarantee of exceptional quality and safety.

It signifies that our products meet Korean regulatory standards, ensuring not just compliance but a tailored commitment to the unique requirements of the Korean market.



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