What exactly is matter? And why does the concept of matter hold significance?

 What is Matter ?

Matter is an open standard for smart home technology that enables your devices to seamlessly collaborate with any ecosystem certified by Matter through a single protocol. Matter is developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, an organization comprising hundreds of companies dedicated to crafting products for smart homes.

Similar to Google's Local Home SDK, Matter introduces a pathway for local execution within device integrations. However, you do not need to write local execution applications specifically for Matter, as nearly every Google Nest speaker, hub, and Wi-Fi system natively support your Matter-enabled devices, ensuring local connectivity and control. Therefore, you simply need to ensure your device is Matter-certified, ensuring its compatibility with any Matter-supporting applications, ecosystems, or other Matter controllers.


Why Choose to Develop with Matter? Advantages of opting for Matter development encompass:

Enhanced performance with reduced latency and heightened reliability compared to cloud-to-cloud connections, owing to Matter's IP-based local connectivity protocol. Diminished development expenses: Construct once, and it seamlessly functions across all ecosystems certified by Matter. Uniform setup encounter spanning all devices equipped with Matter compatibility. For those already possessing cloud-connected or local-home integrations, Google offers assistance in upgrading your device through the addition of a Matter local-fulfillment pathway. Swift and effortless development facilitated by the Google Home Device SDK and Google Home Mobile SDK, allowing users to effortlessly link their smart home devices to your app during or post setup, with a few uncomplicated taps—eliminating the necessity of account linking.

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Effortless Integration of Matter Devices into Your Smart Home To seamlessly incorporate Matter devices into your smart home, follow these steps:

  1. Preparation: Ensure you possess a Matter controller corresponding to the platform you are utilizing for device setup. If the device utilizes Thread, you'll also require a Thread border router (not necessarily platform-specific).
  2. Setup Procedure: Matter utilizes numeric and QR setup codes through Bluetooth to integrate a device into your network. Launch the app provided by your smart home platform or device manufacturer, then either scan the QR code or manually input the numeric code found on the device. Follow the guided prompts to proceed.
  3. NFC Pairing (Optional): For select devices, NFC pairing is available, allowing you to tap the device with your phone for connection. Additionally, certain platforms support auto-detection, where your phone identifies an available device and prompts you for pairing.
  4. Multi-Platform Integration: Once your device is successfully set up on one platform, you can effortlessly extend its integration to other apps and platforms using Matter's multi-admin capability (up to five platforms). This process is akin to onboarding, yet you need not physically possess the device.
  5. Sharing the Pairing Code: Access the pairing code from the device settings within the initial app used for setup. Navigate through the steps to add a new device on the alternate platform. When prompted, either scan the code or copy and paste it.
  6. Simultaneous Control: Following pairing with another platform, you gain the ability to control the device concurrently from both platforms. Enjoy the convenience of managing your device's functionality seamlessly.

"Seamless Integration: Simatop's Smart Products Now Matter-Enabled and Ready for Mass Production"
We smart products manufactured Simatop have now been equipped with Matter modules and are ready for mass production. Sample units are available for testing purposes. For further inquiries and to request samples, please get in touch with Jenny, our contact person, via email at jenny.liang@simatop.com or on WhatsApp at +86 18029250224.


Post time: Aug-09-2023