Wholesales factory Tuya Smart European EU German Standard/French standard wall outlet socket USB C

Why use a smart wall outlet socket, from the voice of consumers.??

After a busy day, I can finally get off work, catch the subway, catch the bus, eat dinner, go to the supermarket to get some snacks and get home, open the door and turn on the light, sit by the bed, chew snacks and play with my phone, until the snacks are almost eaten Well, look at the time, it's past ten o'clock, it's time to take a shower, after taking a shower, I lie on the bed and play with my mobile phone, and before I know it, I lie on the bed and fall asleep in a daze.

When I was falling asleep, I suddenly felt that the lights seemed to be on, so a thousand and ten thousand people were unwilling to get up from the bed to turn off the lights. Everything is so comfortable from the moment you go home until you turn off the lights, but at the moment of turning off the lights, all the comfort is gone, just like a cold morning, dragging you out of the warm and comfortable bed. . .

At this time, you need to configure a set of smart switch sockets for yourself, smart home control.

  • Item: Smart in wall socket for EU plug
  • Model No.: WSPU16 / WSGU16
  • Rated voltage: 100~250V
  • Rated current: 10A or 16A
  • Max. Load Power: 2400W(10A) or 3840W(16A)
  • Dual USB : 1xUSB-A + 1xUSB-Type C
  • 2 USB output: 5V–2.0A(Each) / Total        output 5V–2.0A
  • Product material: PC or PC + Tempered    glass frame
  • Product color: White or Black
  • Size: 86(L)*86(W)*50(T)mm
  • Wireless Frequency: 2.4G
  • Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Traditional wall switch sockets are all installed in fixed positions. If you want to control the switch, you must go to the front, regardless of human intentions. But smart switch sockets allow you to control them as you like. When you lie on the bed When you put down your phone and go to sleep, just click the icon on the phone, turn off the lights and go to bed; before you go home, you can turn on the electric water heater at home to boil water through your phone, and then you can have hot water for a shower as soon as you get home. . .


With a smart wall socket, a smart socket, and a mobile phone, you can live a chic and lazy life from now on.

If there are children in the house, be sure to pay attention to the holes in the sockets. They are very dangerous to children. But our products have already paid attention to this point Child lock, and there is no safety risk at all, so we can use it with confidence.





Post time: Dec-15-2022