Smart socket SIMATOP M28 — Alexa, IFTTT& Google Home – Only WiFi 2.4G

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Item: Mini WIFI socket-South African
Power: AC100~240V
Rated Current: 16A
Max. Load Power: 3840W
Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
Size: 61.0(D)*79.0(T)mm Model No.:M28
Wireless Standard: WIFI 802.11 b/g/n
Wireless Power Consumption: ≤0.8W
Grounding: Standard grounding
Wireless Frequency: 2.4G

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• SIMATOP Smart Plug support Alexa/Google home/IFTTT to add voice control to any outlet.
• Timing function schedule lights, fans, and appliances to turn on and off automatically, or control them remotely when you’re away.
• Simple to set up and use—plug in, open the Alexa app, and get started in minutes.
• Compact design keeps your second outlet free.
• No smart home hub required—set up routines and schedules through the mobile phone app.
• SIMATOP smart plug must be connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, for indoor use only.


Application Scenarios

1. Make your home smart
With multiple SIMATOP Smart Plugs, you can control multiple outlets.Such as your lights, fans, coffee makers, TV, computer, electric cooker and more. All you need is only the smart plug and a mobile phone with APP to realize remote control your house.

2. Set up helpful routines
SIMATOP smart plug have timing function, Users could use it to create your routines. By using timing function to set a morning routine that turns on lights and your coffee maker with a single request, which makes your life easier.

3. Guarding your house when you’re not at home
With Away Lighting, Alexa can automatically turn connected lights on and off to make it look like you’re home when you’re use Away Lighting, all you need is a light connected to an SIMATOP Smart Plug and the Alexa app. Connect your plug to a lamp, then let Alexa know when you come and go.


Item: Mini WIFI socket-South African Model No.:M28
Power: AC100~240V Wireless Standard: WIFI 802.11 b/g/n
Rated Current: 16A Wireless Power Consumption: ≤0.8W
Max. Load Power: 3840W Grounding: Standard grounding
Input Frequency: 50/60Hz Wireless Frequency: 2.4G
Size: 61.0(D)*79.0(T)mm



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