Want to know the relationship between Matter and smart sockets?

What is Matter? Matter is a new smart home interoperability standard that provides a common language for connected devices and currently supports smart sensors, smart lighting, smart outlets and switches, smart thermostats, smart locks, and media including TVs equipment. All this means is that if a consumer purchases a smart home gadget that has a Matter trademark, it can be set up and used with any Matter-compatible device, any Matter-compatible platform, and a Matter controller.

1. What is a smart socket?
In layman's terms, a smart socket is a socket that saves electricity. In addition to the power interface, it also has a USB interface and WIFI connection device inside, allowing you to control home appliances in a variety of intelligent ways.

Smart sockets are composed of relays that control current, WiFi chips for communication and networking, metering chips for monitoring status, infrared transmitters, and other light-sensing accessories.

There are two common smart sockets on the market today: one is a 10A socket, suitable for using low-power electrical appliances, such as controlling electric heaters, charging electric vehicles, controlling oxygenation of fish tanks, etc.; the other is a 16A socket, suitable for high-power electrical appliances. , like water heaters, air conditioners, etc.

matter plug

Smart sockets can save you electricity and time, control the temperature of bath water and home, and even ensure home safety.
With a simple design, great price, and full support for Matter, the Simatop Smart Plug Mini is one of the best smart plugs out there. This neat device features a button on the side that allows you to turn the outlet on or off at will. What's more, it works with a companion smartphone app to let you remotely control any device plugged into it. You can even set up schedules and timers to automatically switch smart plugs at set intervals. Along with Matter, the Tapo Smart Plug Mini supports Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings.



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