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  • Post time: 12-15-2022

    Why use a smart wall outlet socket, from the voice of consumers.?? After a busy day, I can finally get off work, catch the subway, catch the bus, eat dinner, go to the supermarket to get some snacks and get home, open the door and turn on the light, sit by the bed, chew ...Read more »

  • Wholesales for smart plug ,smart door sensor ,smart power extender Simatop
    Post time: 12-10-2022

              3  Smart Home Product to increase Christmas Holiday atmosphere                                                                                                                                           Published by China factory "Simatop" on December 10, 2022....Read more »

  • Post time: 11-19-2022

    The following Q&A will help you quickly understand our company SIMATOP which specializes in high-quality LED products and smart home products! (Part I)     Q:Are you a factory or trading company? A: We are manufacturer,located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Established in 2015,  we have ...Read more »

  • Post time: 10-21-2022

    In Smarthome life, there will be many electrical appliances that require electricity, and they are either scattered or concentrated, and are distributed in every corner with wall sockets. For the convenience of use, there will be multiple sockets on the wall of the room. However, it is impossible...Read more »

  • Happy National Day and pay tribute to the great China!
    Post time: 10-08-2022

    On October 1, 2022, the People’s Republic of China celebrated its 73rd birthday. Prosperous China, magnificent China! As a Chinese, please give our common blessing to the motherland: The motherland is prosperous, the people are happy, the family is reunited, and the National Day is happy! 7...Read more »

  • Post time: 09-08-2022

    1.The Mid Autumn Festival, also known as the festival of sacrificing the moon, the moonlight birthday, the moon’s Eve, the autumn festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon worship Festival, the moon mother’s day, the Moon Festival, and the reunion festival, is a traditional Chinese ...Read more »

  • Post time: 09-03-2022

    May peace, health, happiness, and joy be with you on Mid-Autumn Festival. Simatop wishing you and your family a happy Moon Festival !   Read more »

  • What are the special features of smart APP system control WiFi garden lights?
    Post time: 08-12-2022

    At present, the control modes of solar garden lights that we are familiar with mainly include: light control, time control, remote control, radar sensing, etc. The current intelligence of solar lights is limited to the intelligence of a single product, usually without networking and group control...Read more »

  • Congratulations to SIMATOP for developing a new series of smart wall products
    Post time: 04-29-2022

    Do you want to full control your house’s home appliance? Turn on and off the lamps and appliances of your house anytime and anywhere, to realize totally saving energy and enjoy the new experience of modern intelligent home life.Our new products wall smart socket and wall smart switch will h...Read more »

  • Guangdong SIMATOP Electronic Technology Co., LTD
    Post time: 04-29-2022

    The 2022 New Year Welcome Conference was successfully held Farewell to the unforgettable 2021 and welcome the new 2022. On January 20, 2021, the 2022 Annual meeting of Guangdong SIMATOP Electronic Technology Co., LTD was held in the international Conference Hall, 3rd floor, Fengchen Hotel, Foshan...Read more »